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HOPE Prayer Room believes worship and prayer go hand in hand. Our primary initiative is to establish intercessory worship that mirrors what is described in Revelation 4-5. We invite musicians, singers, intercessors and sound technicians to make this a reality.

Contact us for more info at: info@hopeprayerroom.org


Worship Leaders are responsible for engaging the room in worship. They are responsible for managing their team and delegating roles within a worship team. They also provide key leadership in the Prayer Room as they seek the Holy Spirit’s leadership. The WL is an integral part of the prayer room in providing an environment that allows intercessors to pray with boldness.

Musicians support the Worship Leader in dynamics, chord progressions, and rhythm. They are apart of the team leading the room in worship and following the move of God.

Singers support the Worship Leader through vocal support, key adjustments, and oracles. They play a strategic role in releasing oracles from God’s heart to the room.

Sound Technicians are the most important instruments in the room. They are the greatest support to any worship team as they control the dynamics, sound quality, Equalizers and frequencies in which allow others to engage in worship. 

Section Leaders maintain and keep watch of the prayer room during their set, enforcing the prayer room policies. They are almost seen as a pastor in the room providing oversight of the room so the Worship Leader can focus on the Worship Team. 

Intercessors give leadership to the Prayer Room to pray scriptural prayers and encourage the others in the room to agree in unison when praying for certain topics.  They keep an awareness of the ministry in the room and what the Lord is doing. They also provide leadership to the worship team for the atmosphere and chorus’ the singers can join.


Intercessors apart of the Worship Team (read the Worship Team roles).

SOS Prayer Team member joins the 750 intercessors who pray protection over cities that are predicted to experience disaster or crisis.  They respond to Prayer alerts sent out via email or text. 

HPR Prayer team covers incoming prayer requests from all around the world.  WE experience around 30+ prayer requests a week.