13801 Burnet Road, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78727

(512) 792-4673


Intro to Prayer Room

HOPE Prayer Room is designed to be a place of encounter uniting worship with prayer as we gaze upon Jesus’ beauty and seek the Father’s heart to partner with Him in intercession.  Equipping the body of Christ to be ready in times of crisis is essential in the House of Prayer movement today.  While we encourage the saints to gaze upon Jesus, it is crucial that we encounter Jesus. As we encounter Jesus then we are prepared to love Him rightly and to be ready for what is to come (Rev. 22:17). To be a ready Bride is to know, love, and partner with the Bridegroom’s heart (Eph. 4:3, 5:2; Rev. 19:7-8). Jesus’ devotional life sustained Him to endure verbal and emotional persecution, physical crisis, and spiritual disasters (Lk. 4:28-30; Mk. 4:35-41; Mt. 4:3-17). Devotion to the Lord means storing up the oil of intimacy with God: knowing Him and Him knowing us (Matt. 25:1-13). House of prayer in the kingdom of God operates not just in a building, but in our hearts as well.  In the place of encountering His heart, we are able to respond in worship and intercession.


9am – 2pm


(Dates to be posted soon)