13801 Burnet Road, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78727

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HOPE Prayer Room Fellowship

The first Sunday of each month we will gather at HOPE Prayer Room to fellowship with each other over dinner and worship together in the Prayer Room.  This designated time is an invitation for everyone in the city to come together and as a united body of Christ seek Jesus as the magnificent King and Bridegroom God.

First Sunday of Each Month




HOPE Prayer Room
1122 E 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78723


Series Topics & Notes

Sermon on the Mount (in progress)


Overview Sermon On The Mount

Poverty of Spirit

Spiritual Mourning


Spiritual Hunger and Thirst

Merciful in the Father’s eyes

The Pure see God

Children are Peacemakers

Persecution is a reward in the Kingdom

Salt and Light for the Lord

The Assurance of the Father

Jesus in the Midst of Crisis